Pisces P 100 HNT Miner


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Pisces P 100 HNT Miner

Pisces P100 Outdoor Gateway has excellent performance in complex outdoor environments. It supports LongFi technology, therefore it can process a large volume of data on the helium networks.

Pisces Outdoor Antenna is an excellent product. Users are more likely to use it outdoors because it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Aluminum alloy shell makes it more durable and reliable. Professional installation and maintenance teams ensure the stability of the product. Choose Pisces, you will receive the equipment as soon as possible.

The Pisces P100 is a high-performance 4 dBi fiberglass antenna. It is equipped with a high performance 4 dBi fiberglass antenna. It is designed to be easily operated and maintained by remote control. It responds quickly to user requests.


● High Performance Fiberglass Antenna

● Easy Operation & Maintenance

● Remote Control


Antenna Type: Fiberglass Antenna

Frequency Range: 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz (2.45 GHz ISM)

Bandwidth: 1.5MHz

Gain: 4dbi

Polarization: Vertical

Height Adjustment: 0~30mm

Angle Adjustment: 15°~90°

Weight: 5kg


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