Controllino Hotspot (868MHz)


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Controllino Hotspot (868MHz)

Controllino is an Austrian vendor specialized in IoT that also sell Helium Hotspots. They got recently approved by Helium and were just allowed to take orders from people who signed up to their waitlist.
Controllino Hotspot is a LoRaWAN gateway compatible with Helium. Helium enables everyone to contribute to a public, decentralized IoT network and earn HNT rewards by providing coverage and transferring data packets.If you want to transmit your data over LoRaWAN, you can either setup a complicated and expensive private network, or go with free community networks that only offer limited coverage and redundancy.

Controllino Hotspot offers an easy-to-use LoRaWAN gateway for free. You can use it to send your data via LoRaWAN without having to set up a complicated and expensive private LoRaWAN network.

Controllino hotspot is a LoRaWan gateway compatible with Helium, Helium enables everyone to participate in a public, decentralized IoT-network and earn HNT rewards.

Controllino Hotspot provides LoRaWAN gateways compatible with Helium. This hotspot offers a wide range of features such as battery saving mode, low power mode, sleep mode, etc. Helium enables everyone who wants to contribute to a public LoRaWAN network and earn HNT tokens by providing coverage and transferring packets. With more than 500,000 worldwide available access points, Helium Network is the largest open network provider to date.


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