20ft Container Bitbox Mobile Miner Farm


Current: around 650A to 800A
Power rate: about 500KW to 550KW
Voltage: 380V
Inlet cable: 400*3 + 240*1 pure copper

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20ft Container Bitbox Mobile Miner Farm

Model Number 20ft 40ft bitbox
Brand Name Bitbox
Origin China
Key Specifications/ Special Features:
Modol: Module BOX-210/Module BOX-420
Brand: Bitbox
Internal System:Support network isolation function
Power Support: Configuration of intelligent circuit control system with multi-protetion
Shipping: to be shipped by sea globally

BitBox is a newly developed mobile mining farm, that can accommodate any types of bitcoin miners; Right after connecting to the transformer, you can start immediate mining bitcoins! The single 20ft container mobile mining box weighs less than 2 tons and it is very easy to transport. Compared with the construction of field mining farms in the past, the costs of pre-construction and maintenance are greatly reduced!

Water Curtain: The left side of the container is water curtain, when fresh air passes through it, the air will be cooled down, the water curtain delivers the efficient air circulation and optimum heat dissipation.

Inside structure: The left side is water curtain The middle area is miner area, we can design the housing to fit different type of miners for example Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon, Ebang and Innosilicon etc. The right side are fans, we use fan to remove hot air out of the container.

Shutter: The shutter will be open while fans are working, when miners are off, the shutter are closed.

The housing of miners

Brand Model 20ft 40HQ
1 Whatsminer 20S/21S 162 324
2 Antminer S9/S9J 324 648
3 Antminer S17/T17 168 336
4 Aisen A1 270 540

For each container, better to put one size miners other than several sizes miners. All BitBox mining container are very standard sea shipment containers, so they are very easy to be transported to every corner of the world.



Make mining operations portable while boosting efficiency:

a.20ft cargo container

b.Operation conditions range from -30℃ to +35℃.

c.BitBox BB20 containers are Plug & Play.

d.Can install up to 210 PCS ASIC miners,with a 3.5 kW capacity each, for example MicroBT M30S,M31S;Antminer S19;Avalon 1166,1246; Innosilicon miners.

1 Total capacity:0.735Mw
2 Number of Asic miners:Up to 210 (3.5 kW each)
3 Metal racks:16.40 x 1.57 x 1.00 feet
4 Distance between metal racks and water curtain wall:0.65m to 0.7m
5 Dual-layer water curtain:1 pc
6 Rainproof louver:2 pcs
7 LED lighting:1 pc

Electric Equipment:
1 Cabinet for holding main breakers and fan controllers:1 pc
2 Main breakers (630A,with current short circuit protection):2 pcs

3 24-port PDU (125A max for PDU,20A max for one port):10 pcs
4 Power cable:Around 197 feet

1 Ventilation controller:5 pcs
2 Axial fans 10,800m/hr:10 pcs

1 Ethernet cables:220 pcs
2 TP-LINK 24 port switches:10 pcs

Lead time Shipping:
1 Lead time:4 weeks after order confirmed,need extra 2 while the additional requirements i.e.panic bar,extra LED lighting,web camera were added onto the order
2 Shipping:5-6 weeks from China port to USA destination port
3 Shipping cost:Container shipping cost varies depending on destinationports and seasonality (One 40HQ can fit 2 BitBox)

20ft: 2.8Tons 40ft: 5.6Tons
LWH: 5360mm*2000mm*2280mm LWH: 10720mm*2000mm*2280mm
Inside LWH: 5000mm*1980mm*2000mm Inside LWH: 10000mm*1980mm*2000mm


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